What day is Miss Jessie’s Salon open?
Miss Jessie’s salon is only open Saturdays.

Can I get a service done the same day as my consultation appointment at Miss Jessie’s Salon?
Absolutely! Consultation and service are done the same day.

What is the purpose of a consultation?
A consultation is required for all first time clients. In the consultation, the client discusses the history of the their hair, they’re expectations and what they are trying to achieve. Our stylist will then provide options and services, including products to help the client’s hair be more manageable. 

Can I write a check at Miss Jessie’s Salon?
Not at this time.

Are consultations free?
Consultations are free with service at Miss Jessie’s Salon. Without service, the consultation fee is $75.

I need to re-schedule my appointment. I don't want to forfeit my deposit of $75. What is the deadline for cancellations?
24-hour notice is required on all cancellations.

Is my deposit of $75 refundable once I schedule my appointment?
No. All deposits are non-refundable.

I'd like to bring a friend along for my visit. Can he or she wait?
Not at this time. Appointments are for scheduled clients only. Sorry, No Exceptions. Your guest may wait in our store area while you are being serviced.

How long will my appointment take?
Set aside at least 2-4 hours give or take. Working with natural hair can be a very manual process.

I am taking out my braids and I am scheduled for a Silkener™. Is it okay to take them out the night before?
No. The Silkener™ is a chemical process/service. We recommend taking braids out one-week and washing your hair 3-4 days prior to your visit so your scalp will not be sensitive.

I feel a little self-conscious arriving to your salon without my hair done. I'd like to come with my hair styled and with product in it. Will you still be able to determine what my curly style options will be when you consult with me?
No. We cannot give an accurate consultation if your hair is not in its natural state.

I am not a client. Can I come by Miss Jessie’s store to purchase products?
Yes. Miss Jessie's store is located on 441 Broadway 2nd floor, SoHo, NYC.

When is the Miss Jessie’s store open?
Miss Jessie’s store is open Monday thru Saturday from 11 am to 6pm.

Where else can I purchase Miss Jessie’s products?
At select Target stores, Ricky’s NYC and missjessies.com. Check the retail locator on our website for a retail store near you.

I don't want any chemicals. If I come in for a consultation, will you try and push a Silkener™ on me?
Absolutely not. Through consultation, we will inform you of all the non-chemical services that might interest you.

Are there any other locations?
The Miss Jessie’s Salon is currently only located in New York City.

What days is the Miss Jessie’s Salon open?
Miss Jessie’s salon is only open Saturdays and it’s by appointment only.  For new clients, consultations are done the first three hours of the day to ensure same day service. You may come to Miss Jessie’s CurlBar™ Monday-Friday 10-6pm

What is the difference between Miss Jessie’s Salon and Miss Jessie’s CurlBar™?
Miss Jessie’s Salon is full service salon and it’s by appointment only. CurlBar™ is quick salon service at great prices. Just curly cuts and styling. No coloring  and no chemicals. For appointments and services, please call 212-966-5600.

Do you guys only specialize in Ethnic hair?
Miss Jessie’s is a full service salon with expertise in all hair types and textures including Curly, Kinky and Wavy.

Where is the salon located?
Miss Jessie’s Salon is located on 441 Broadway 2nd floor, SoHo, NYC.

Do you use your own products?
We use our very own products on all natural style services at Miss Jessie’s Salon.

*PLEASE NOTE: if you are not satisfied with your haircut you have the opportunity to come to the salon within two days of your cut, no later then two days thank you.

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