What is the difference between Miss Jessie’s CURLY PUDDING™ and Miss Jessie’s BABY BUTTERCREME™?
Miss Jessie’s CURLY PUDDING™ is a styling cream. Miss Jessie’s BABY BUTTERCREME™ is a rich moisturizing cream but doubles as a styling cream. Great for any natural styling technique (coiling, two strand twist, fingerstyling, etc).

What is the difference between Miss Jessie’s CURLY BUTTERCREME™ and Miss Jessie’s BABY BUTTERCREME™?
Miss Jessie’s CURLY BUTTERCREME™ and BABY BUTTERCREME™ perform the same. However, Miss Jessie’s CURLY BUTTERCREME™ has an invigorating peppermint scalp sensation and scent. Miss Jessie’s BABY BUTTERCREME™ does not have the peppermint scent. Yet, it is mildly scented for children.

Can I mix Miss Jessie’s CURLY PUDDING™ with BABY BUTTERCREME™ together when I’m applying to my wet hair?
Yes. Our customers get very creative with the products as well. The end results vary.

I have straight relaxed ends in addition to new growth (natural hair). I did not get great curls after using Miss Jessie’s CURLY PUDDING™. What can I do?
For optimum results, you will have to remove the straight ends to get maximum texture. The ends of your hair dictate the over-all look. If you're not ready to get your ends cut, you will have to roll the ends using perm or flexible rods.

I have a Jerri curl. Can I use Miss Jessie’s products?
Yes. You can switch it up and use Miss Jessie’s CURLY PUDDING™ or CURLY MERINGUE on occasion. Keep in mind that a Jerri curl is a double process chemical service and cannot survive too long if the hair is not saturated in a wet environment (activator). So eventually you will have to go back to your Jerri curl routine. Miss Jessie’s CURLY BUTTERCREME™ and BABY BUTTERCREME™ would be a great daily moisturizer for you!

My hair is very fine and silky. Do I need to Shingle™?
We would recommend Fingerstying, Wash and Go or a Coil-out if you'd like more fullness. Shingling™ stretches out the length and removes bulk.

My hair is naturally kinky and I got a great curly result using Miss Jessie’s CURLY PUDDING™ but some areas still look like an afro. What can I do?
It may be that you did not apply enough product on the areas (make sure hair is freshly damped). Give all areas the same attention. For areas that have less/no texture (no-circular kink), you'll have to physically add texture yourself. Try Coiling or a Double Strand Twist in those areas. After it’s completely dry, you can blend the difference in curl by finger combing.

My hair is completely relaxed. Can I use any of Miss Jessie’s™ products?
Absolutely! Start with out Crème de la Curl non-sulfate cleanser and Super Sweetback deep conditioning treatment. CURLY BUTTERCREME™ and BABY BUTTERCREME™ would be great for you as a daily moisturizer. This rich non-greasy cream is also excellent for smoothing down your hairline edges. For curly options, you can use Miss Jessie’s CURLY MERINGUE™ and proceed to do a spiral set using flexible rods.

I am a stylist and I've been using a "dab" of Miss Jessie’s CURLY PUDDING™ and Miss Jessie’s CURLY MERINGUE™ to "wrap & curl." It comes out great! Is this okay?
Absolutely! Many stylists are doing the same with a primarily relaxed clientele. Miss Jessie’s CURLY PUDDING™ is non-chemically altering.

I used Miss Jessie’s CURLY PUDDING™ and I did not like Shingling™. I have a whole jar of this stuff. What can I do?
You're not limited. Miss Jessie’s CURLY PUDDING™ has so many functions. If you did not get the hang of one styling method you have other options. Try a Double Strand Twist set, Coiling or Fingerstyling. Maybe you'll try Shingling again at a later time!

Do some of your products contain mineral oils? Isn’t bad for your hair?
Mineral oil is just one ingredient in some of our products. Our products also contain other natural oils such as sweet almond oil, avocado oil, macadamia seed oil and shea butter which are proven to be moisturizing to the hair as well.

Do your products contain alcohol?
As far as alcohol, our products contain Cetyl alcohol which is not anything like the drying alcohols. It is actually a fatty alcohol that helps to moisturize the hair. It is a very common ingredient in shampoos and conditioners.

*PLEASE NOTE: if you are not satisfied with your haircut you have the opportunity to come to the salon within two days of your cut, no later then two days thank you.