I went to another salon outside of Miss Jessie’s and they claim to do your Silkener™ treatment. I have no curls left. What went wrong?
Sorry about your bad experience. Miss Jessie’s Salon (Soho, NYC) is the only authorized salon to perform the Silkener™ at this time.

Retail locations carry the Miss Jessie’s product line only (CURLY PUDDING™, CURLY MERINGUE™, CURLY BUTTERCREME™, BABY BUTTERCREME™, RAPID RECOVERY™, STRETCH SILKENING CRÈME™, QUICK CURLS™, CRÈME DE LA CRÈME™, CRÈME DE LA CURL™ and SUPER SLIP SUDSY SHAMPOO™). They are not trained or licensed to offer the Silkener™ as a service.

What is the Silkener™?
The Silkener™ is a trademarked chemical technique created and developed at Miss Jessie’s Salon. To tweak existing curls, kinks or waves, address shrinkage, turn kinks to curls, combat frizz, and make hair more manageable. It's an excellent service for the individual interested in wearing both straight and curly hair with out permanent straight-style commitment.

What is the chemical used in Silkeners™?
Sodium hydroxide.

How is the Silkener different from a Texturizer?
The end result. The Silkener™ is a custom service designed to accommodate the special needs of the individual's texture. Conventional texturizer methods often leave clients with random results (sometimes under processed or over-processed forcing you into a relaxed straight state).

How is a Silkener™ different from a Relaxer?
The options. A relaxer is processed to remove all curl and texture for a straight result only. A Silkener™ is designed to embrace texture via tweaking or altering curl, kink or wave. The Silkener™ also creates curly and straight options for the individual interested in both.

Is the Silkener™ similar to a relaxer or texturizer?
Like a relaxer or texturizer, the Silkener™ is a chemical as well. The precautions are the same to prevent a sensitive scalp but the end result is different.

Can I expect a perfect Silkener™?
You can expect our very best work. It's rare for any two curls to be exactly the same but we can get a 'great' result. So far there is no such thing as a perfect Silkener™ because of the many variables involved in the process (your natural texture).

After I get my 1st Silkener™, when do I come in again for maintenance services?
For most, every 3 to 4 times a year. But maintenance can vary from person to person depending on the hair texture.

Can I wet my hair with a Silkener™?
Yes. You can re-wet your hair without your curls returning to its natural shrunken state.

I have a 'z' formation/pattern. What can I expect from a Silkener™?
You can expect the Silkener™ to stretch out and elongate your existing texture. You probably will not get a ringlet curl pattern because of your existing formation. But the Silkening™ service may be very useful if your hair is extremely thick and you have a lot of shrinkage.

I have a relaxer. What will my transition process be like if I want a Silkener™?
You must grow at least 4-6 inches of natural hair. Braids are a great option to keep your mind off the growing out phase. If you're not concerned with length, a closely cropped barber cut will immediately take you out of a relaxer state.

How much new-growth do I need for a Silkener™?
Grow at least 4-6 inches of natural growth for your 1st Silkener™.

How will you determine what kind of curl I will or will not get?
It will be discussed and determined in your consultation.

Style wise, what is the difference between natural vs. Silkener™?
Natural hair can be much more manual than Silkener™ treated hair. You can get Silkened™ hair wet without returning to a naturally shrunken state.

Why might someone make a decision to get a Silkener™ if they can get a great result with Shingling™?
One might convert to a Silkener™ for the ease and manageability of manual time spent (combing, shampooing, applying product, dryer time) to achieve the look desired. (muggy/moist/wet environment = shrunk back hair).

If the Silkener™ is so great, what are the benefits of staying natural?
No commitment. Being natural for some is glorious and liberating amongst other reasons. Chemical services are not for everyone

*PLEASE NOTE: if you are not satisfied with your haircut you have the opportunity to come to the salon within two days of your cut, no later then two days thank you.