What are the tools I need to achieve these curly looks?
Portable tabletop dryer
1800-watt blow dryer
Nozzle attachment
Diffuser attachment
Wide-tooth comb
Medium tooth rat-tail comb
Neck towel

CRÈME DE LA CURL is an ultra conditioning non-sulfate cleanser
SUPER SLIP SUDSY SHAMPOO is the best detangling shampoo

CRÈME DE LA CRÈME is an ultra-creamy daily conditioner

Deep Treatments
SUPER SWEETBACK TREATMENT is a rich conditioning treatment and a growth stimulant that promotes long healthy curls
RAPID RECOVERY TREATMENT is an intense deep treatment and essential aid to help repair damage hair

CURLY PUDDING transforms shrunken kinks to super shiny stretched out curls with soft hold
CURLY MERINGUE is a volume boosting and excellent aid for longer lasting natural styles
STRETCH SILKENING CRÈME plumps your natural curls giving soft definition with light hold
QUICK CURLS is the perfect ultra light wash and go styling cream

BABY BUTTERCREME, perfect moisturizing cream for dryness and breakage.
CURLY BUTTERCREME, ultra rich deep moisturizing growth cream plus scalp stimulant with peppermint sensation. They can also be used as styling creams for Double Strand Twits and Coil Outs.

What is Shingling™?
Shingling™ is a styling method developed and created at Miss Jessie's salon to manually "turn kinks to curls." You can achieve maximum curl definition and elongation if you capture your hair in the wet stage. Apply Miss Jessie's CURLY PUDDING™ or Miss Jessie's CURLY MERINGUE™ and use a comb to spread the product from root to end smoothing and stretching hair in a southbound direction. We call it Shingling because it looks like flat shingles in a brick-layered pattern. This styling method is excellent for naturally kinky, curly and wavy textures.

What is No Chemical Silkener™"?
A no-chem Silkener is a nickname for our Shingling™ method. How long does the Shingling™ process take? From shampoo to the last shingle™ it can range from 1/2 hour and up depending on length, density and dryer time.

What do I do at night when my hair is Shingled™?
You can wear a satin cap. If you have major shrinkage tie a satin scarf loosely on your head to keep hair in a south bound direction.

What do I do in the morning when my hair is Shingled™?
You can add a dab of Miss Jessie's CURLY or BABY BUTTERCREME™ to dry hair for moisture. Do not wet natural hair. You will have to start all over again. It will shrink back to its natural state. How long will SHINGLING™ last? It can last between 2-7 days depending on hair type and how you care for it.

Will Shingling™ really turn my kinks to curls?
Yes! It can turn most kinks to curls with the exception of textures with a 'z' pattern and tightly coiled hair formation.

What is Finger Styling or Wash and Go?
Finger styling is a curly styling technique. Apply product with fingers while hair is wet and detangled. Spread Miss Jessie's CURLY PUDDING™ or CURLY MERINGUE™ from root to end. Typically, you will dry your hair under an overhead dryer until fully dry or you can air-dry. Air-drying can take a long time depending on length + density and shrinkage.

My hair is very kinky and has a lot of shrinkage. Will Finger Styling work for me?
Finger styling can work for kinky hair if you are interested in 'curl definition'. For extra stretch and elongation, you will have to introduce a blow dryer with the nozzle attachment and stretch out your curl by pulling it in a downward motion. We would suggest SHINGLING for maximum elongation. See the pictorial "how to on page SHINGLING 101".

Does Finger Styling or Wash and Go work on all hair types?
Finger styling works on most hair types with texture (curly, kinky or wavy) but will not work on 'z' pattern textures.

Do I need an Over-Head dryer or can I let it air dry?
If you hair is thick and long we recommend a portable tabletop overhead dryer to speed up drying time. We also recommend full drying time for a superb result. Drying time on average kinky hair is about 1 hour. Summer months and warms climates accommodate air-drying. You may use a diffuser attachment on your blow dryer to dry and style your curls.

What do I do at night when my hair is Finger Styled, Shingled™, Coiled or Double-Strand Twisted?
You may twist your hair in big sections and sleep with a satin cap or satin pillow. If you have major shrinkage, tie a satin scarf loosely on your head to keep hair in a south bound direction. You can apply Miss Jessie's CURLY BUTTERCREME™ or BABY BUTTERCREME™ for nighttime moisture.

What do I do in the morning when my hair is Finger Styled, Shingled, Coiled or Double Strand Twisted?
In the morning, apply a dab of Miss Jessie's CURLY BUTTERCREME™ or BABY BUTTERCREME™ to add moisture and keep the hair hydrated. Do not re-wet for it may shrink back to its natural state and you will have to start all over again. If you have a Silkener™ or a loose wave, you can re-wet 20% via spray bottle. Glaze hands with Miss Jessie's CURLY PUDDING™ or CURLY MERINGUE™ and scrunch the ends. Sit under a heated dryer until dry and add Miss Jessie's CURLY BUTTERCREME™ or BABY BUTTERCREME™ for moisture.

Are you using rods or rollers to achieve the Shingled look?
No. We achieve those curly looks with the hair on your head and Miss Jessie's curly products.

It's hard to believe those 'Natural' Before & After photos are real. Are you sure you're not using Silkeners™ on everyone?
Yes we're sure. We are able to achieve curl via chemical or non-chemical methods. Please go on the before and after page. There are detailed descriptions of the services that each individual received.

I've been on your Before and After page. Are those curly after pictures, weaves?
We only work with individual's natural hair. All pictures represent the client's natural hair before and after services at the Miss Jessie's Salon.

I just started my transition and I don't want to do the "Big Chop", which products should I use during this time?
You may use CRÈME DE LA CURL™ non-sulfate cleanser along with SUPER SWEETBACK TREATMENT™ deep conditioner. QUICK CURLS™ or CURLY MERINGUE™ styling creams with flexible rods for a soft curl look. And BABY BUTTERCREME™ for moist and daily maintenance.

What is the difference between CURLY PUDDING and CURLY MERINGUE?
CURLY PUDDING™ is our heaviest styling cream yet, providing hold, definition and moisturizers to give your hair more control and combat shrinkage.  CURLY MERINGUE™ provides hold, definition without moisturizers to create more volume.

*PLEASE NOTE: if you are not satisfied with your haircut you have the opportunity to come to the salon within two days of your cut, no later then two days thank you.