How to Prepare

Before you come in for your natural hair care appointment, there are a few things you need to know. In order to receive the best results, you'll need to prepare your hair before we can apply our natural hair products. Follow the instructions listed below to ensure the highest quality of natural hair care from Miss Jessie's Salon. How your hair is prepared when you arrive at Miss Jessie's Salon is important. We need to see your hair in its natural, frizzy shrunk state. To achieve this please follow the directions below.

Will Determine After First Consultation
Do not wash, scrub, scratch or manipulate your scalp 3-4 days prior to your visit; a sensitive scalp will affect your end result. Remove all Braids, Twists, Coils, Shingles, Weaves and Straight styling and wash your hair to restore its original/natural texture 3-4 days before your appointment. You can remove and rinse all product from your hair (do not scrub scalp) with conditioner 1 day prior to your visit. Come with your hair in its Natural (Shrunk-Up or Frizzy) State.

The Consultation is a session to exchange information. After we gather your information and inform you of what service Options are available to you, YOU will make the Final decision about the service(s) you will be receiving on the day of your visit.