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Can I get a service done the same day as my appointment?

Can I come by Miss Jessie’s salon to give you my deposit in person?
So sorry we do not take deposits in person. You can send a money order in the amount of $75.00 with your name, date of interest, and telephone number. We will contact you promptly to set up your appointment. Any questions call us at: 718.852.2600

Can I write a check?
Not at this time.

Are consultations free?
Yes. With a service. Without a service, consultations are $75.

I need to re-schedule my appointment. I don't want to forfeit my deposit of $75. What is the deadline for cancellations?
24 hr notice are required on all cancellations so someone else can take your time slot.

Is my deposit of $75 refundable once I schedule my appointment?
No. All deposits are non-refundable.

I'd like to bring a friend along for my visit. Can he or she wait?
Not at this time. Appointments are for scheduled clients only. Sorry, no exceptions.

I am not a client. Can I come by Miss Jessie’s to purchase product?
Sorry. We do not retail out of Miss Jessie’s salon. For product only. You can purchase Miss Jessie’s curly products at the: “where to buy page”

How long will my appointment take?
Set aside at least 2-4 hrs give or take. Natural hair can be very manual.

I am taking out my braids and I am scheduled for a Silkener™. Is it okay to take them out the night before?
No. The Silkener™ is a chemical process/service. We recommend taking braids out and washing 3-4 days prior to your visit so your scalp will not be sensitive.

I feel a little self conscious arriving to your salon without my hair done. I'd like to come with it styled and with product in my hair. Will you still be able to determine what my curly style options will be when you consult with me?
No. We cannot give an accurate consultation based on hair that's not in its unstyled/product free state. Wet not wash hair removing all product, twist or braid formation, and straight styles leaving your hair free form for your 1st visit. We charge $50 to prep hair for an accurate consultation.

Where can I purchase the product?
On line at: missjessies.com retail at: many retailers across the country carry our products.

I don't want any chemicals. If I come in for a consultation, will you try and push a Silkener™ on me?
Absolutely not. Through consultation, we will inform you of all the non-chemical services that might interest you.

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