picture of girl with sunglasses with dyed dry curly hair

The Best Curly Hair Dye Ideas for Your Dry Locks

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Are you wondering how to dye curly hair, especially if it's dry?
If you have dry curly hair, one significant factor in maintaining it is the method in which your hair is dyed. Another important factor is what you do after curly hair dying. At Miss Jessie’s, we believe in proper hair maintenance and treating your hair with the care it deserves- which is why we are going to provide you with the best curly hair dye ideas.

 For women with curly or frizzy hair, it is best to use a semi-permanent hair dye. One that will minimize hair damage is a large part of maintaining good hair health after dying dry curly hair. One piece of advice for dying curly hair that’s dry is to not wash your hair before you dye it. This helps adhesion of the dye to your hair. Once you’ve picked out a shade or color you’d like to dye your hair, start planning how you will maintain it after the dye job is done. Upkeep and maintenance is a crucial part of dying hair. The best ways to dye your dry curly hair don’t necessarily involve the dying process at all. When you dye your hair, bonds are broken down within the hair follicles that can cause damage.  Miss Jessie’s recommends using a natural hair dye for curly hair dying. Using something that is natural will minimize any corruption in your hair’s health. Coupling a natural hair dye with products to maintain the curls and volume of your hair after dying dry curly hair will provide the best results for your curls. Upkeep can make or break the outcome of your curly hair dying. Using creams and softeners aid in the overall health of your hair and it helps accentuate your dye job. This will impact factors such as the shine, volume, softness, and the overall look of your hair.

So the answer to the question “how to dye curly hair?” lies not only within the dying process but also within the post-dying process. It is very important to remember that moisturizing with a leave-in conditioner or other hair moisturizers will help the bonds and overall health of your hair after you have put color into it.  This will help leave your hair soft and shiny. Maintaining great hair starts in the shower. Dying dry curly hair requires upkeep with products like a great shampoo as well as a great conditioner. Daily care such as staying out of hot sunlight and preparing your hair in the morning for whatever will best suit the day’s weather. Not only the weather but also the water that comes out of your shower dictates how your hair will react to its surroundings. Hard and soft water have different impacts on the structure of hair and the process of maintaining the look that you want.

 What you use in your hair is up to you, but Miss Jessie’s recommends daily maintenance and care of your hair by using products that suit the needs of your hair and its surroundings. Natural hair dye for curly hair helps keep the health of your hair maximized without the addition of harmful and avoidable chemicals that can be found in other hair dyes. Dying dry curly hair certainly poses its challenges. You want to get the color and shade that you want, but you also have to deal with the upkeep of your curls at the same time. One way to do this is with a glossy oil spray that hydrates and shines your curly hair.   Another way to maintain curls is by wearing a bonnet at night while you sleep. This will protect the bounce and volume of the curls while your head is on the pillow at night. While it may seem small, doing things like this will allow you to reach your full hair potential to make it look however you want it to. 

No matter which methods you choose, Miss Jessie’s has everything you need to help you dye your hair, nourish you hair, and treat your hair right. Check out all of the incredible products and solutions that we have to take your hair care to the next level today!