Our Story

Who are we

Founded by sisters Miko and Titi Branch, Miss Jessie's products took the curly hair market by storm in 1999! Armed with curly hair product development from their salon/workshop, they were able to perfect their curly hair product's performance. Known for its expertise in styling curly, kinky, and wavy hair of all types and textures, Miss Jessie's Salon became the go-to place for curly hair solutions.

The inspiration behind Miss Jessie's (and the source of the brand's name) came from their paternal grandmother: the no-nonsense Miss Jessie Mae Branch. When they were children, Miss Jessie would concoct all sorts of mixtures and formulas at her kitchen table to help tame and style her grand daughter's wild curly hair.

The Founders


Miko Branch Is The Co-Founder And CEO Of Miss Jessie's Products For Curly Hair.

The Founders


Titi Branch Is The Co-Founder And CO-CEO Of Miss Jessie's.

Who is miss Jessie?

Miss Jessie was the paternal grandmother of Miko and Titi Branch. A proud southern matriarch, Miss Jessie was the most "tell- it- like- it- is" woman her family ever knew. Jessie Branch taught from her kitchen table as she fed delicious food that nourished the mind, body, and soul. Miss Jessie used to whip up an egg and mayonnaise treatment when her granddaughters complained about their curly natural hair.

Many of her preparations included remedies for hair and beauty which she shared with her whole family. Jessie Mae Branch passed away on December 21, 2001. She would have been so proud to know that her strength and tenacity inspired her girls to carve out a niche to help women with many of their natural hair and life challenges.


Our Products

Miss Jessie's hair products consist of styling cremes, moisturizers, and deep conditioning treatments for natural & naturally curly hair.