Natural Curly Hair Conditioners

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No matter your hair type, no matter your style, it’s easier than ever to find the curly hair conditioner of your dreams here Miss Jessie’s. Whether you’ve got the loveliest of curls that need the elegance of a deep conditioner, or you’re basking with the waves and searching for a leave-it-in conditioner that will keep your locks flowing, Miss Jessie’s is the place to be!

Founded by the Branch sisters in 2004 as an homage to their paternal grandmother, Miss Jessie, our hair products are inspired by the same natural home remedies used by Miss Jessie to soothe natural curly hair in a way that other products simply cannot. Our brand caters to the clientele’s hair -- not the other way around. We firmly believe that to be the best “you”, you’ve got to embrace the natural beauty that you’ve been born with, and that starts squarely with your hair.

Hair conditioner -- whether it be a wavy hair conditioner, curly hair conditioner or even kinky hair conditioner -- is all about meshing the best of appearance and manageability into one formula. The post-shampoo step is a no-brainer for most, softening and smoothing hair features to deliver a clean yet lively look. However, not all hair conditioners are made the same, and more importantly, not all hair conditioners are for the same kind of hair.

Miss Jessie’s hair conditioners embrace that uniqueness. We’ve crafted patented formulas that use natural, of-the-Earth ingredients specifically chosen and tested to condition specific hair types. Need a curly hair deep conditioner for your transitioning hair? Look no further than our Super Sweetback Hair Softening Treatment, designed for healthy growth and lavish curl length. Need a leave-in conditioner to throw on the boxing gloves and fight back the frizz? Our Leave-In Condish is ready for the test. Find the best darn curly hair, kinky hair and wavy hair conditioner you’ve ever introduced to your curls at Miss Jessie’s!