Soften Me Up - Hydrating Conditioner
Soften Me Up - Hydrating Conditioner

Soften Me Up - Hydrating Conditioner

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Size:8.5 oz

Gently Hydrating Conditioner for Curly Hair

The professionals at Miss Jessie’s® have created a supremely soft, creamy, and ultra hydrating conditioner that is the perfect solution for your dry, dehydrated, and parched curls. This hair conditioning treatment has superb conditioning properties that are amazing for damaged hair caused by coloring and chemically treating it. Miss Jessie’s® Soften Me Up™ daily hydrating conditioner moisturizes, protects, and detangles dehydrated curly hair like nothing you have ever used before. This gently hydrating conditioner eliminates those pesky, tangled strands and leaves your curly hair as silky smooth as ever. Miss Jessie’s® Soften Me Up™ hair conditioning treatment restores the moisture balance to your hair and scalp. This softening and hydrating daily conditioner is great for everyday use. Miss Jessie’s® Soften Me Up™ prevents hair breakage by eliminating those dry and brittle strands permanently. Let your curly hair luxuriate in super softness with this incredible daily conditioner.

Try using this hair conditioning treatment for curly hair with our Harm Me Knot Sulfate-Free Shampoo for a total revitalization of your parched hair. Select one of our many stylers for curly, coliy, and wavy hair to help keep frizz in check and keep your curls bouncy all day long!

Use Miss Jessie’s Soften Me Up™ daily conditioner for curly hair is excellent for this & more: 

  • Curls, coils & waves
  • Chemically treated hair
  • Color-treated hair
  • Dried out, parched hair 
  • Conditioning hair
  • Moisturizing hair 
  • Detangling hair