Shampoo for Curly Hair

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There’s no doubt that a head of long, flowing curly hair can be the envy of the room, but trying to tame wavy locks can be absolutely infuriating without the right curly hair cleanser. We’ve been there before; we know the challenge of seeking out the perfect curly and wavy hair shampoo, an everyday curly hair cleanser that can control your hair throughout the day and keep you feeling and looking your absolute best.

At Miss Jessie’s, we’ve spent years developing wavy hair shampoo and cleansing formulas that are friendly to our naturally curly hair clientele. We also understand that not all curls are created equal. That’s why we’ve curated a custom collection of curly hair cleansers for all types of curls, from the kinky to the wavy, and everything else in between.

Tied up in tangles? Turn to our extra detangling moisturizing curly hair cleanser, affectionately known as Honey Harmless Gentle Wash. A soft, lathering cleanser that serves a multi-purpose role in cleansing the hair while also eliminating knots and tangles. You’ll be thrilled to find an ultra-soft wash and shampoo for wavy hair option. Restorative on the scalp, Harm Me Not is essential when trying to revitalize a natural and healthy hair environment. Especially favorable for those that rely on a multitude of products, where build-up can lead to extra tangling over the long run, our curly hair cleanser will remove all that’s extra to leave your hair feeling extra clean and free!

If you’re seeking out a truly moisturizing curly hair cleanser, look no further than our Miss Jessie’s Co-Wash. Designed with dryness and parched hair in mind, this ultra-conditioning option brings back the vitality to hair that is damaged and dry, chemically or color-treated, and just all-around used and abused. Pair with the right post-cleanser creme and feel renewed!

Miss Jessie’s delivers natural ingredients in our curly hair cleanser; give our shampoo for wavy hair, curly hair, and kinky hair a try, and fall in love!