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Super sweetback treatment  Miss Jessie's product Super Sweetback Treatment - Hair Softening Treatment
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Rapid Recovery Treatment - Deep Hair Treatment Rapid Recovery Treatment - Deep Hair Treatment
Mafura hair oil Grow Strong MAFURA - Natural Hair Growth Oil


Curly hair treatments became an increasingly popular trend ever since the 1980’s when spiral perms became the talk of the town. These hairstyles were big, curly, and bold. Today, you won’t really see these 80’s hair trends but you will see the impact that the 80’s had when curly hair treatments were needed to create the rockin’ look!

As anyone with naturally curly, wavy, or kinky hair can attest to today, the right curly hair treatments can mean spending one-tenth of the time fussing over your hair for an infinitely better result. Beyond physically-altering actions like a great haircut, the perfect curly hair treatment is the next best solution to conquering your curls and making them work for you. Miss Jessie’s curl treatment is the natural solution to your hair challenges.

Specializing in creating leave-in curly hair treatments that tackle frizz and leave you loving your kinky hair, our products are produced from natural ingredients that are inspired by generations of love for curly hair. Our vegan wavy hair products have been featured in best-of lists across the globe, gaining recognition for applying the ethos of the original Miss Jessie, our founders’ paternal grandmother and queen of creating curly hair solutions using a carefully-crafted combination of natural ingredients, a can-do attitude, and a grandmother’s intuition.

Formulas such as our Rapid Recovery Treatment are deep penetrating, super strengthening, major moisturizing goodness that your hair will absolutely adore. A once-weekly deep curly hair treatment, the Rapid Recovery is a bottle of secret goodness that can tackle the toughest of tangles or deep-dive into restoring damaged hair that needs to be massaged back to good health. Miss Jessie’s Grow Strong Mafura Hair Oil is the perfect natural hair growth oil treatment for your coils and curls. It hydrates your hair and scalp and even works to smooth out split ends. All of our curly hair treatments work wonders on wavy and kinky hair as well, renewing your spirit one hair follicle at a time. 

Our curly hair treatments are vegan and cruelty-free, practicing a harmony of respecting Mother Earth just like our own mother. Whether you’re looking for a curly hair treatment or kinky hair treatment, rest easy knowing that our products are free from sulfates, petroleum, and parabens that can irritate sensitive scalps and damage your hair. Miss Jessie’s has the best curly hair products for all curly hair types and our mission is to help you love your curls. The 1980’s might be long gone but find the next trending look with Miss Jessie’s curly hair treatments today!