Mafura hair oil
Grow Strong MAFURA - Natural Hair Growth Oil

Grow Strong MAFURA - Natural Hair Growth Oil

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Natural Hair Growth Oil Treatment

Come and discover Miss Jessie’s® Grow Strong Mafura - a natural hair growth oil that is absolutely the perfect Mafura oil solution for your curly and coiled hair. This wonderful Mafura oil hair benefits your coils and curls while promoting growth and revitalizing the sheen of your hair. But what are Mafura oil hair benefits? Mafura oil is derived from the Mafura tree, native to southern Africa, and the Mafura oil is derived from the tree’s seeds. The oil has been used as a natural hair growth oil for centuries and is coveted for its fragrance and moisturizing properties. 

Miss Jessie’s® fantastic natural hair growth oil can be used to rehydrate your parched hair and scalp, to encourage natural curly hair growth, and this hair growth oil also works to help to reduce split ends. Miss Jessie’s® is dedicated to producing premium hair care products designed for curly hair. The hair care professionals at Miss Jessie’s supercharged this hair oil and infused this natural hair growth oil formulation with soybean oil, seed butter, avocado oil, castor oil, jojoba seed oil, argon oil, sweet almond oil, Abyssinian oil, and coconut oil. Combine this hair growth oil treatment with any of Miss Jessie’s® gentle curly hair stylers, cleansers, and conditioners for maximum revitalization.