Rapid Recovery Treatment - Deep Hair Treatment
Rapid Recovery Treatment - Deep Hair Treatment

Rapid Recovery Treatment - Deep Hair Treatment

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Natural Deep Hair Treatment

Use this intense yet luxurious hair conditioning treatment for healthy, bouncy, and shiny curls to regain your lock’s moisture and banish those pesky tangles. Use this hair repair treatment once weekly to restore much-needed hydration to your damaged or tangled hair. This deep hair treatment is an essential weapon in your bathroom arsenal for protecting your curls and leaving them smoother than ever. Miss Jessie’s® rich Shea butter and avocado cream oil help to penetrate the hair for a radiant shine that reinforces a smooth tangle-free curl. We promise with just one dose of Rapid Recovery Treatment™, your curls will be on their best behavior. Miss Jessie’s® luxurious deep hair conditioning treatment is perfect for restoring hydration and moisture while returning supple elasticity to damaged hair types ranging from curly hair to kinky or transitioners hair. Don’t be fooled, our Rapid Recovery Treatment™ is an essential weapon when dealing with naturally curly hair.

Instructions for using this deep hair treatment: Once a week, retrieve a golf ball-sized blob of Rapid Recovery Treatment™ and spread it evenly between your hands. Then smooth the hair conditioning treatment thoroughly into damp curls moving from the root downward in sections. Then take a wide tooth comb through your hair to help remove any tangles. Make sure to leave the Rapid Recovery Treatment™ in your hair for at least 10 minutes. Once the time has passed, rinse out the deep hair treatment thoroughly and style your hair with your favorite Miss Jessie’s® styler.

This hair repair treatment is absolutely perfect for: 

  • Damaged
  • Curly
  • Tight Curly
  • Kinky & Transitioners