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Anyone that’s spent some serious time getting their hair ready for the day, especially those with natural curls and waves, knows how crucial it is to have the right tools of the trade to get the job done. Miss Jessie’s is here to help with brand new hair styling accessories that will compliment your morning routine with a touch of ease and simplicity.

For well over a decade, Miss Jessie’s has been the heart and soul of the natural hair care community, helping women finally feel their frizz and cue up their curls with a sense of joy and appreciation for the type of hair they’ve been gifted. You can build on your collection of curly hair creams and marvelous moisturizers with Miss Jessie’s accessory line, designed and made to accompany Miss Jessie’s hair care products for a total package approach to hair styling. The Miss Jessie’s night cap, known affectionately as “The Best Darn Bonnet for Curly Hair. Period,” will empower you to take on the toll that tossing and turning can levy while you catch your z’s. Fight off flattened curls and unwanted frizziness to full effect while still getting a comfortable night’s sleep. Tuck in your curls, tuck in your feet and welcome the sweet dreams and even sweeter hair.

Hair care can sometimes feel less like styling and more like an artistry. Sculpt your curls and create your own work of art with Miss Jessie’s hair care tools. From the Miss Jessie’s Pik DeFrizz Diffuser, our patented hair diffuser design and process that allows you to gently scrunch your curls section by section and apply a concentrated blast of heat to get your curls just right, all the way to our paddle brush and detangling comb, own your natural curly hair and smile as you style with Miss Jessie’s hair care accessories.