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Miss Jessie’s is about much more than how our hair looks as we walk out the door in the morning. Our brand represents an ethos built on imaginary independence; on genuine ingenuity; and on strong, willful women that want even the most mundane moments of the day to feel a tad majestic. Our brand’s mentality is on full display, ready for you to get the full scoop on everything that makes Miss Jessie’s a premium package in the world of natural hair styling products, when you visit our online book collection!

Pick up a hardback or paperback edition of Miss Jessie’s: Creating a Successful Business from Scratch -- Naturally, written by Miss Jessie’s very own Miko Branch, and revisit the memories of our Chief Financial Officer’s journey from in the kitchen working on “do it yourself” homemade hair styling products, all the way up to revolutionizing the hair care industry. Equal parts family memoir and advice for emerging business owners, with natural hair care tips and traditions sprinkled throughout, you can learn the whole story behind Miss Jessie’s rise in the hair care industry while grabbing valuable insight that can be applied to your own life.

The entire story is told in Miko Branch’s relatable voice, full of quips and ongoing in-text insights on both the up’s and the down’s of her journey as a pioneering businesswoman in an industry that can be ruthless to break into and positively rewarding upon arrival. Along the way, Miko shares the invaluable lessons she’s learned as an entrepreneur in story after story of a family’s passion transformed into a full-fledged business and, eventually, a brand with global reach.

The national bestseller is now available for you to own in whichever format works best for you at Miss Jessie’s. Pick up your copy today and learn the tale of a company that truly embodies what it means to pursue happiness through the American Dream.