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3 Last Minute Easy Hairstyles For Short Hair

3 Last Minute Easy Hairstyles For Short Hair

For a natural curl girl that is always on the move, coming up with chic, simple, yet versatile looks can be difficult. While having a signature style is great, it's also always fun to change it up a bit. Explore this demo video showcasing last minute easy hairstyles for short hair, including twisted pigtails, a twisted updo, and a braided chignon, presented by Natural85. 

Don't be intimidated by the intricate and refined look of the final product, because these looks are as fast and easy as they are beautiful. You don't have to allow the threat of time to intimidate you into falling into your typical, old hairstyling routine. Conquer these trés adrobs looks, and be out the door and on the road in a matter of minutes! Check it out the video right here, and don't forget to utilize your Miss Jessie's shampoo, conditioners, and stylers, to guarantee a soft, smooth, healthy hair foundation.

*video by Naptural85