3 Ways To Avoid Hair Breakage

3 Ways To Avoid Hair Breakage

In this post, we will explore three effective ways to avoid hair breakage and provide some useful tips on how to prevent hair damage. Does your hair feel rough to touch? Does frizz frame your face? Has your bob lost its bounce? Is it brittle and riddled with split ends? Are you cleaning collected hair from your hairbrush more often then not, and noticing clumps of hair in your sink that appear just as large, if not larger, then a Persian kitten? These are the common signs of hair damage, but if this sounds like you, don't panic! To regain control of your mane, prevent hair breakage, and return your hair to its soft supple glory, check out these tips to prevent and repair hair damage.

1. How to prevent hair damage while styling

While blow dryers, flat irons, and curling irons make hair look gorgeous, the extreme heat can compromise hair health. This is why you should always do your research before purchasing any new tools. They don't have to be expensive, but the quality is key. Look for tools that offer a variety of heat settings, allowing you more control. Be aware that some irons and curlers will demarcate settings sometimes as high as 400 degrees, but know that the highest setting isn't always the best for your hair (400 degrees being very high for all hair). The finer your hair is, the lower the temperature should be. When it comes to blow dryers, try to seek out dryers with varying nozzle attachments, such as a diffuser, as this allows for heat to be more evenly distributed across your hair. Also, though a pricey splurge, try purchasing a professional dryer. The strong, powerful airflow will not only cut your styling time but will be much less harsh on your hair then your average hairdryer. You can check at your local beauty supply store, or if you have a regular hairstylist, ask them about what they would recommend. If after styling, you are still struggling with flyaways, avoid trying to solve the problem with your hot tools, as the extreme heat on fragile hair is sure to guarantee breakage. Instead, opt for styling products. Miss Jessie's line of curl crèmes and styling gels are excellent for attaining hair shine and definition. If your cowlick is really out of control, try rubbing a fabric-softener dryer sheet on it to alter the static electricity created in hair during the drying process.

2. Always PHPHWP- Protect Hair Pre-Heating with Products

The products you apply after washing your hair are just as significant as your regular shampoo and conditioner, especially if you intend to dry and style with a hairdryer, curling iron, etc. Applying a protective coating to hair prior to applying extreme heat can make a world of difference in improving hair health. Try using an intensive leave-in conditioner once a week, such as our Super Sweetback Treatment or our Rapid Recovery Treatment which will help you maintain healthy hair and avoid hair breakage. Both are incredible with rich moisture and smooth out damaged hair fragments, leaving hair soft, healthy, strong, and frizz-free. The Super Sweetback Treatment also contains the Centella extract, strengthening hair and optimizing hair growth. I also suggest applying a protective coating of a silicone-based product, such as Moroccan hair oil, to wet ends prior to styling, as the silicone is incredibly protective against heat.

3. Obsess less about brushing frequency.

Too much brushing is curly hair's worst enemy. It can lead to more breakage, especially if the bristles have blunt edges. Try using a brush with round-tipped bristles, and NEVER brush hair while wet- always use a comb on wet hair. Also, get split ends trimmed as frequently as possible.