Curl Girls: Adassa

Curl Girls: Adassa

Name: Adassa
Age: 29
Profession: Graduate Student

1. What are your favorite Miss Jessie's hair products and why? I'm a fan of the Miss Jessie's conditioners, like Miss Jessie's Creme de la Curl or Super Sweetback Treatment. I especially love the sweet, bubblegum smell of the Miss Jessie's Super Sweetback Treatment and ginger citrus scent of Miss Jessie's Quick Curls.

2. As a working girl, you're always on the go. What's your 'on the go' styling hair routine/ tricks/ suggestion to others? Honestly, I rely heavily on my stylist for everything. She is my confidant, soul sister, and I trust her more with my hair than I trust myself. I don't even wash it until I go to my scheduled appointment with her. Once a month, she loves on my hair, and the rest of the time, I wrap it up and don't touch it.

3. We all know curls come in a variety of textures, that shouldn't be generalized when dealing with people on an individual basis. How do you perceive your hair's texture, and how do you compliment your unique texture's needs? I once had a stylist tell me that my hairs like to talk to each other, and all that talking makes it thirsty. Therefore it's crucial that I always keep it, moisturized inside and out, so their conversation is never interrupted by horrible dryness. 

4. Every girl goes through a period when they want to experiment with their hair and attempt a different look. What is the most drastic hair change you've implemented? After making this change, what did you learn about your hair? Growing up, I was always very uninterested in my hair. I never went through one of those phases where I dyed it different colors, or experimented with haircuts, weaves, styles, etc, because I never really wanted to deal with it. I think the most drastic thing I have done with my hair, is learned to appreciate it for what it is, and how to properly show it love and take care of it.

5. How did you learn about personal style? Did someone teach you, or were you self-taught? My Dad actually taught me about personal style. He's the type of person to get invited to NYC Fashion Week and then be photographed and asked about who he is/ what he was wearing as if he was famous. He just has this inherent knack for always looking effortlessly fly, and I would like to think he passed down much of his excellent taste to me.

6. What is the biggest hair lesson you've learned while growing up? When detangling hair, it is best to comb out the ends of your first, and work to the roots. Also drink LOTS of water to keep hair internally hydrated, and avoid the temptation of nervously twirling and playing with hair, especially after a day out on the town. Overplaying with hair can actually cause breakage. Also, your hands collect so much unnecessary filth throughout the day, so why add those germs and gunk to your hair? While your filthy fingers may be a problem, sweat is actually GREAT for your hair! Scalp sweat is actually a concentrated, pure form of all the natural minerals from your diet being released through your pores, therefore serving as the perfect moisturizer, nourishing hair from root to tip.

7. What is the best curly hair secret you have, that you are willing to share? Drink water and moisturize your hair. Then drink more water. 

8. Switching gears to personal style. Do you have any summer fashion must-haves? Like any fashion item, as long as you feel fierce in it, it's a must-have.

9. Who's celeb hairstyle do you admire/what celeb inspires you the most in terms of hair/style? Why? I think Janelle Monae, Goapele and Solange are my hair icons. They have embraced their hair and made it not only an essential part of their style but also made it something of desire now, inspiring other people to embrace their natural hair too.

10. What are 5 things in your purse right now? My Kindle reader, Sharpie Pens, chapstick, a notebook, and a full water bottle.

11. What is your definition of beauty? What makes you feel the most beautiful? My definition of beauty is rocking what God gave you. Jill Scott is the essence of beauty to me. She is not a representative of the socially imposed stereotype of beauty, but I think the fact that she isn't a stick skinny, cookie-cutter convention of hotness, contributes to all which makes her so attractive and enhances her overall beauty. She's an original spirit that clearly radiates beauty from within, therefore underscoring all her many talents and making her outer beauty all the more apparent. She is so gorgeous, every time I see her I just stop and think "Wow!".

12. What advice would you give young women who are struggling to find beauty within themselves and have low self-esteem? This is a tough question because if you don't think you're beautiful no one can tell you that you are. So the issue is dealing with the thing that makes you feel unattractive. So I would suggest that once a month you put on something you feel SUPER hot in. Then spend 15 minutes looking at yourself in a full-length mirror, fully taking in how awesome you are- no negative, self-deprecating comments allowed. Then have a dance party- alone or with people.

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