7 Chic Hairstyles with an Infinity Scarf

7 Chic Hairstyles with an Infinity Scarf

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I love the summer sunshine and am a little bummed that it is almost coming to an end, however, one thing I will not miss is the number August's brutal heat and humidity does on my hair. I feel like my styling prospects have been limited to ponytails and buns, but I'm a girl that loves a little variety. I also try to live on a budget and would rather not break the bank on a slew of trendy hair accessories, and figure out a creative, funky, fresh styling solution utilizing that which I already have at home. In an effort to spice up my look, I did a little digging in my closet to see if I could find anything I could make into something chic for my doo, and stumbled upon my giant collection of scarves. Though it's a little seasonally premature to wear them the traditional way around the neck, I did find this great video online on how to incorporate infinity scarves into 7 fast, simple, gorgeous hairstyles.

What you need:

These styles for an infinity scarf will make you look hot and leave your body feeling cool, in scorching August temperatures. A self-admitted scarf addict, I went a little bananas last fall when infinity scarves made a huge trend splash on the fashion scene, so I had a nice variety to choose from. However, if you don't own your own infinity scarf, you don't have to rush out to the store and buy a new one, to get one of these looks. You can simply make your own infinity scarf by sewing the ends of a long scarf together- it's that easy! Just make sure you use a light cotton or pashmina scarf, as heavy wools and knits stretch out more easily and can be more difficult to manipulate around your head. So give it a try, curly girlies! And don't forget to post your selfies and comment when you do!

*from Naptural85