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DIY: Bubble Ponytail Tutorial

DIY: Bubble Ponytail Tutorial

Fourth of July is right around the corner, and as you plan out your schedule for clam bake and BBQ hopping, don't forget to send some love to your hair. Now that the summer heat is on full blast, your curls are much more vulnerable to falling victim to the elements; salt water, chlorine, humidity, direct sunlight, sweat - it seems like there is a fun, but frizz-inducing activity where ever we turn. There is also nothing worse than leaving a barbecue with the smell of burnt coal and propane stuck to your hair and clothes. 

How to do a bubble ponytail?

Updos make for get Protective Styling during harsh summer months, but the average buns and ponytails can get stale fast. Well curly cuties, fret no more! Here is a great bubble ponytail tutorial for making the perfect Bubble Ponytail. This chic, sophisticated take on the classic pony is perfect for day or night. Be sure to deep condition with some Miss Jessie's Super Sweetback Treatment, to help facilitate this style and elongate your curls. Though simple to do, this sultry style is sure to turn heads at your at all fourth of July festivities! So, if you're wondering how to do a bubble ponytail, follow our Bubble Ponytail tutorial and you'll be sporting this chic and effortless style in no time!