Finger Styling Made Easy

Finger Styling Made Easy


What You Will Need:

To Start:

In order to do this demo and yield the best results, start with wet hair. Use a comb to detangle hair. If you are having difficulty working through serious knots, apply some of Miss Jessie's Leave in Condish, to facilitate the detangling process. Adding this touch will provide a, smooth, shiny, well-nourished palate, the perfect foundation for sculpting curls.

Understanding Scrunching:
The greatest thing about this style is it doesn't require collecting an arsenal of styling tools because all you need are your fingers. Scrunching skills are essential, but fortunately, it is neither difficult nor time-consuming.

When scrunching it is important you pick a product that will adequately moisturize your hair without, weighing it down. Finding the right balance between moisture and density is the key to sustaining the bounce in your curls.

The amount you want to use is contingent on your hair's weight and density, and the product you use can be determined by both your hair's unique texture and the most prominent of your curl pattern compositions. The model in this demo is using Quick Curls, a light styler best utilized on finer textures, specially designed to you're your hair a lush amount of waves ASAP. Another lightweight Miss Jessie's product that would be effective in this styling scenario is Pillow Soft Curls. Pillow Soft Curls is lightweight styling lotion, capable of expanding your ringlets and leaving you with a bounty of supple curls. For tight curls and kinks, I would suggest using Coily Custard, Curly Pudding, or Curly Meringue. These heavier stylers elongate curls, making them smooth, soft, and shiny.

How To Scrunch and Style:

Using your fingers, gently comb through your hair, while working the product of your choice, in a rake-like motion. Scrunch hair in an upward motion. This will define and preserve your hair's unique curl pattern, by deterring your ends from appearing straight. No one likes an incomplete curl with wavy, uneven ends, and this technique will provide you an even, full-bodied curl.

Bend forward to flip hair over your face. With your hair now upside down, evenly distribute the product of your choice throughout your hair. Once the product has been distributed, continue to scrunch hair again in an upward motion. Scrunching against gravity will give your curls more definition.


Once you have completed scrunching and sculpting the hair to the point of desired curliness, it's time to dry. You can allow hair to dry naturally or sit under a hair dryer, but I've found the best method to be using a diffuser.

Unsure of how to properly utilize your diffuser? We've got you covered.

For even more volume or elongation of curls, take a flat nosed hairdryer and dry hair from root tips. Do so carefully and on a low setting- combing through hair too aggressively with your fingers can lead to damaging the beautiful wavy, coily, curly structure you have already established. The objective is to dry the curl, but not create frizz. To preserve your curly style at bedtime, sleep in a satin cap.