How To Do a Halo Crown Style

How To Do a Halo Crown Style

I was getting ready for church this Sunday, and in trying to figure out how to style and tame my hair, I ended up late... AGAIN. Hopefully, God isn't going to judge me too harshly for my propensity for tardiness, however, I know most people do, and this day at church was no different. It also doesn't help that I am incredibly clumsy, and as I attempted to smoothly slip in unnoticed, I ended up tripping over an older woman's cane, setting off a domino effect of dropped hymnal books, followed by the loud echoes of numerous shushing sounds, beneath many boney, extended index fingers. OH- and my hair looked like a complete hot mess. What began as an overly ambitious attempt at a quickly improvised updo, evolved into an inexplicable tornado of tangles and hairpins. On my way home, I decided that I could not allow this incident to repeat itself, and did whatever person my age does when they don't have the answer... I took to the internet.

This Halo Crown style is the perfect remedy for my church 'do issues. It's a simple, yet elegant flat twist protective style that is great for all textures of naturally curly hair and can be achieved with practically every hair length. Follow the halo crown demo below, and don't forget to use any of the Miss Jessie's Stylers to smooth out your edges and really refine the look. Great for all occasions, you will be sure to impress everyone with this angelic 'do. Give it a try and strut your stuff, while showing off that "Halo! Halo! Halo! Hay- low- ooooh!".

What you will need:

  • A comb (to part and detangle)
  • Hair clips (to separate hair)
  • A handheld hairdryer
  • Bobby Pins
  • A moisturizing styler (to smooth out edges)
  • A satin bonnet or cap

How To Do A Halo Crown Style Hair Demo

*from My Natural Sistas Once you get the hang of it, here is a little something to keep your spirits up, as you twist away: