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6 Perfect Back to School Updos!

6 Perfect Back to School Updos!

It's hard to believe that summer has nearly come to a close, but now that Labor Day has come and gone, it is now officially the start of the back to school season. I may have graduated from school many years ago, however, I will never forget what it felt like to have those first days of school jitters. It didn't matter if I was a freshman and expected to wander the halls as a nervous, lost, doe-eyed underling, or if I was a superior senior and a veteran of the game, butterflies fluttered about my stomach without mercy. The night before school started, I would lay out my outfit for the next day, meticulously ironing and organizing every detail. It was always incredibly important that I looked flawless from head to toe, for my first strut down the school halls. I attended a school that required uniforms from K-12, so you would think there wouldn't be much to plan for, but I always managed to find a way to spend a few hours locked in my bathroom strategizing my look, particularly paying special attention to my hair. When your school requires a uniform, hair is one of the few ways a girl can express her creativity and stand out from the crowd, amongst an endless sea of monotonous plaid. I would always make the risky mistake of improvising my style, which never turned out as well as I had originally envisioned it. However, I'm going to save you all some trouble by sharing with you these chic, easy, step by step, styling guides- perfect for the back to school season. Give them a try and you will definitely dress to impress!

1. Student Counsel Style: Criss Cross Top Knot

Criss Cross Top Knot

Source: Seventeen Magazine

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2. Drama Club Cuties: Extreme Heidi Braids

Extreme Heidi Braids #2 Extreme Heidi Braids

Source: MrKate

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3. Jocks that Rock: Twist it Up
Twist it Up Source: Fitness Magazine
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4. Les Artistes: The Literal Hair Bow

The Literal Hair Bow


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5. Prom Queens: Low Faux Braided Bun

Prom queen with Low Faux Braided Bun


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6. Library Lovelies: Elegant, Low Pony Bun Hybrid
Woman with brown curly hari
Source: Fitness Magazine
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