How To Do a Two Strand Twist Out With Miss Jessie's Baby Buttercreme and Curly Buttercreme

How To Do a Two Strand Twist Out With Miss Jessie's Baby Buttercreme and Curly Buttercreme

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Parched curls and coils can certainly really create a kink in your styling routine, but thanks to Miss Jessie's Baby Buttercreme and Curly Buttercreme, tangled up, dried out doos are a thing of the past. These two strand twist products are specially designed to provide intense hydration and moisture to curls and coils. Not only do each of these products make detangling a breeze, they also effectively highlight each coil's structure that exists within your many unique curl patterns, softening and nourishing hair from root to ends. So want to know the secret to keeping hair on fleek? Style your hair with Curly Buttercreme or Baby Buttercreme. Check out this easy DIY demo for showing you how to do a twist out, using Baby Buttercreme, and give it a try at home! And don't forget to share your hair twist out results with us in the comments.

source:, Miss Jessie's Original

What You Need:

  • Miss Jessie's Baby Buttercreme
    • NOTE: This styling demo on how to do a two strand twist can be used substituting Curly Buttercreme. Curly Buttercreme possesses similar properties to Baby Buttercreme, however Curly Buttercreme is also infused with cooling peppermint essence. For a more scented alternative to Baby Buttercreme, try Curly Buttercreme.
  • Hair Clips (to section hair)
  • A Comb (to section hair)
  • Hair Dryer (If you have access to a round dryer, great! If not, use a diffuser attachment or allow hair to air dry, if you have the time.)
  • A Hair Pick
  • **Optional: Small flexi rods

Wet Twist Out steps, using Baby Buttercreme and Curly Buttercreme:

1. Make sure curls are freshly cleansed with shampoo and conditioner. For optimal curl cleansing, we recommend Miss Jessie's Co-Wash or Super Slip Sudsy Shampoo. Then condition hair with Miss Jessie's Créme de la Créme.

2. Section hair with a comb, clipping each section with hair clips.

3. With each section, apply either Baby Buttercreme or Curly Buttercreme, massaging this moisturizing product into curls and coils, from roots to ends. Make sure each section is adequately detangled after applying the product, in order to simplify twisting.

4. Coil the hair by taking a small section, dividing it into two pieces and twisting hair, as displayed in the video. Continue to create these tiny twists, twisting hair all the way to the ends. If your ends naturally curl at the bottom, rotate your ends with your fingers, as demonstrated in the video. If your curl texture is more straight at the ends, use a flexi perm rod to wrap up ends. Apply Baby Buttercreme and/or Curly Buttercreme.

5. While hair is in twists, allow for hair to dry. Whether you are air dying hair or have access to a large round dryer, as featured in the video, it is important that you do not unravel twists until hair is completely dry. Doing this too prematurely with damp hair could lead to frizz.

6. Once hair is dry, carefully untwist your hair. Gently rotate the entire twist in the opposite direction hair was originally twisted in. To fully separate hair, gently comb fingers through the twists, and the unraveled pieces of your former twists should separate with ease. Though this should not take too long, abruptly rushing though this step or skipping it all together will create frizz in the hair, so handle hair with care. If you are really concerned about frizz, you can also coat fingertips with natural oil, such as coconut oil or olive oil, or even a teeny tiny amount of Curly Buttercreme or Baby Buttercreme, prior to untwisting, for additional detangling and moisturizing power.

7. Once all twists are unraveled, use a hair pick to create additional volume. Carefully pick hair from roots to ends, till ideal volume has been achieved. Now your look is on fleek! Go out and show off those gorgeous curls!



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