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Humidity and Curly Hair: How To Prevent Frizzy Hair

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There’s nothing worse than spending time straightening your hair or styling it just right, only to walk out the door and boom, humidity! For some people, humidity isn't a problem, but for others, humidity is the true hair arch-nemesis.

But why does humidity cause frizzy hair? And what can you do to prevent it? Have you been wondering how to handler curly hair in humidity, and how to prevent frizzy hair? Here’s what you need to know about battling against humidity with curly hair products for humid weather so that you can be confident from head to toe.

Humidity And Curly Hair: Why Does Humidity Cause Frizzy Hair?

We can blame science for frizz! When the air is humid, it’s highly concentrated with hydrogen rich water molecules. These molecules bind to the hair and increase the amount of hydrogen bonds. This causes the hair to fold on itself or to bind to other strands.

Humidity causes straight hair to become wavy. Wavy hair becomes curly, and curly hair forms even tighter curls.

All types of hair are subject to frizz-causing humidity. However, certain types of hair, such as dry, damaged, or over-processed hair, are more susceptible. Those with fine and curly hair are also more likely to fall victim to humidity.

How To Handle Humidity And Curly Hair 

So, how to prevent frizzy hair? While anyone's hair can be affected by humidity, there are some ways to keep frizz at bay. Here's what you need to know about humidity and curly hair.

Embrace Your Natural Texture With Curly Hair Products For Humid Weather

As a curly girl, there’s nothing wrong with embracing your natural texture! The best way to show off your curls without the dreaded frizz is with twist styling combined with hair oil.

To get the look:

  1. Separate your hair into four quadrants
  2. Apply hydrating hair oil to damp hair (not too wet!)
  3. For best coverage, apply the oil from mid-length to the ends of each section of hair
  4. Separate each quadrant into three or four pieces
  5. Twist each piece away from your face
  6. Let your hair air dry
  7. Once dry, lightly separate each section using your fingers

If you don’t like the idea of twisting, follow the same steps but use braids instead of twists. The idea is to let your hair dry on its own with the help of hydrating and moisturizing oil, which provides a barrier against humidity.

Always Use A Heat Protectant

Dry and frizzy hair can be a real annoyance. While it’s tempting to pick up your hair dryer or flat iron and get to work, applying heat directly to your hair only causes further dryness and damage. Before using any kind of heat styling tool, always apply a heat protectant.

These products create a barrier between your hair and the heat from the styling tool. This barrier protects your locks from damage caused by high heat.

Diffuse Your Curls

If you have curly or wavy hair, a traditional blow dryer is your worst enemy. But, by using a diffuser, you can turn it into your favorite frizz-fighting friend.

When drying your hair, attach a diffuser to the hair dryer and scrunch your hair from tip to root. Without a diffuser, your hair is wildly tossed around, which causes friction and frizz.

A diffuser dries your hair without all of the movement. This way your curls stay soft and bouncy, not frayed and frizzy.

Use The Right Shampoo And Conditioner

There's a reason why hair products have their own aisle! Each type of hair requires a unique formula. When buying shampoo and conditioner, make sure you're buying a product that's meant for your hair type.

For instance, if your hair is naturally frizzy, chemically treated, or frequently heat treated, you want to use products that hydrate and moisturize. Choose products that are made with:

  • Coconut oil
  • Honey
  • Aloe Vera
  • Natural oils

By using shampoo and conditioner that’s meant for curly hair, you can provide the nourishing ingredients your hair needs to look and feel its best. Using ​​curly hair products for humid weather will help your hair stay frizz-free in the humidity.

Use A Leave-In Conditioner After Washing

If you're serious about preventing frizz, you'll want to add a leave-in conditioner as part of your hair routine. Leave-in conditioners take your hair's moisture to the next level and prevent frizz all day long.

Choose a non-greasy, lightweight product that doesn't add build up or weight to your hair, such as Curly Buttercreme, which offers all-day hydration.

Change Your Humidity And Curly Hair Routine

Chances are that some of your hair care decisions increase the risk of frizzy curls. For example, while hot showers feel amazing, they can be damaging for your hair. Hot water causes cuticles to rise. This causes the hair to need more moisture.

Turn down the knob a notch or two and enjoy a warm shower versus a hot one. It's also important to avoid washing too often. Even with high quality shampoo and conditioner, over-washing can lead to dry hair.

With these hair tips and tricks on how to handle curly hair in humidity, you can finally have envious curls all season long, even on the most humid days! There is no need for dry and frizzy hair! Check out Miss Jessie’s hair care products to craft your hair care defense against humidity frizz.