Bride and groom, the bride has a natural curly hair wedding styles

Top 10 Natural Curly Hair Wedding Styles

There is a lot that goes into planning the perfect wedding. From the outfit details to the venue, the last thing you want to worry about is how you're going to style your hair and keep it looking flawless the whole time. Continue reading to discover our top picks for natural curly hair wedding styles.

The Top Natural Curly Hair Wedding Styles

If you’re a curly-haired queen, you may be wondering what kind of natural curly hair wedding styles are going to enhance the true beauty of your curls on your wedding day.

Let’s take a look at a few of our favorite bridal hairstyles for curly hair and what products of ours you can use to look picture perfect on your big day. 

Natural Curly Hair Wedding Style

Curly Hair Wedding Styles: The Elegant Low Bun

A low bun hairstyle is the perfect combination of beauty, grace, and elegance. We recommend playing with braids and stylish accessories to give this bridal hairstyle for curly hair a gorgeous amount of added detail. 

To make sure all the hairs stay in place in your gorgeous low bun style, you’ll need our Coily Custard. This product is perfect for transforming frizzy ‘fros to soft curls, providing you with luscious locks for this naturally curly hair wedding style.

Glitzy Headband curly hair wedding style

Curly Hair Wedding Styles: The Glitzy Headband 

A wedding-inspired headband can help complete your wedding outfit, complement the theme or color palette, and leave you feeling like a queen. To improve your natural curls on your big day, we recommend our Honey Curls. This product is a curl enhancer that adds a natural hold without weighing the hair down. 

Natural curly hair wedding style

Go All Natural

A beautiful bride deserves to wear her hair in a style that makes her feel like the most beautiful woman in the room. If you choose to go all-natural and let your curls loose, you'll need to maintain the frizz and hydrate your curls. We recommend our Baby Buttermilk, this product will smooth out and moisturize your curls. Plus, it will give your hair more elasticity and spring.  

Natural curly hair wedding style up-do

Bring It To The Top

You can use clips to frame your face and position your natural curl to one side, which can add more dimension to your bridal hairstyle for curly hair. To keep your curls looking healthy and full of volume, try our Transitioner’s Magic.

Soft Waves & A Beachy wedding hair style

Soft Waves & A Beachy Vibe 

If you are looking for a more relaxed look where you focus more on the length than the size of the curl, a soft, beachy style will help you achieve this. Before your big day, try our Soften Me Up Conditioner to provide your hair with the hydration needed to achieve a soft, beachy feel.

Fairytale Natural wavy hair wedding style

A Fairytale Hairstyle

Want to show your creative side with a little bit of accessorizing? Consider a playful look that will leave you feeling like a princess. We recommend playing with florals and glitter, depending on the vibe of your wedding outfit. To get that soft curl look to complement the whimsical feel, try our Jelly Soft Curls.

A side swept natural curly hair wedding style

A Side Swept Beauty

This bride has long, elegant curls she wants to showcase falling into a waterfall of waves. To do this, you can clip your hair to one side, style your bangs, and pull your hair over your shoulder. If you are going for a softer feeling, you can try our Feather Soft Curls to achieve that softly defined look.  

An elegant accessory natural curly hair wedding style

Add A Bit Of Glam

Go big or go home! This beautiful bride added a bit of glam to her hair with a chunky, elegant accessory. This style is great for the bride that wants to stand out in a crowded room or make a show-stopping entrance. All you need to do is find a glamorous accessory that matches your wedding dress and let your curls do the talking. Try our Super Sweetback Treatment for long and luscious curly hair.

Half-Up Half-Down natural curly hair wedding style

Half-Up Half-Down

Out of all of the natural curly hair wedding styles, this one has the most versatility. You can choose to accessorize, go for a laid-back feel, or style it to perfection. One thing is for sure, you're natural curls are going to have to play nice! Try our Curly Meringue to revitalize your curls, control the frizz, and style your wedding day look.

Braided curly hair wedding style

Play With Braids 

Braids can add a bit of fun dimension to your naturally curly hair wedding styles. Whether you’re looking for a french braid or a traditional braid, to ensure your curly or wavy hair looks its best, try our Leave-In Condish to fight the frizz and provide you with a ton of moisture. 

Dreamy Natural Curly Hair Wedding Styles Galore

Okay ladies, remember: these are just a few of the bridal hairstyles for curly hair that we think will look fabulous for a head full of curls. 

As you start to look for natural curly hair wedding styles that are right for your wedding day, remember all curls are different! Some play nice and some need a little extra help.

We recommend shopping our products by curl type to ensure you find a product that was made to tame your curls and provide that perfect look for any wedding styles for naturally curly hair

We hope your wedding day is as beautiful as your curls!