4 Naturally-Curly Summer Hair Ideas

4 Naturally-Curly Summer Hair Ideas

Saturday marked the official day of Summer. For a lot of naturals, this means away with the Protective Styling in exchange for a season of letting those curls hang all out. Away with 'long hair, don't care' when you're battling the heat & humidity; 'the shorter, the better' is definitely the way to go this Summer. 

After all, this is the perfect season for wash & go's, so why the hell not. If you have a friend that's been considering doing the Big Chop or just cutting her hair for a nice change, now's the time to do so.

Need a little encouragement? I've gathered up 4 gorgeous short Summer hair ideas for you.

Summer Hair Ideas #1: Get coil-y

Everyone's going to wonder how your curls are so poppin'.

To create this look: On wet hair, create a deep side part, then two-strand -- twist hair and set twists on small rod rollers using an equal mix of Miss Jessie's Curly ButterCreme and Miss Jessie's Coily Custard. Once hair has completely air-dried (you can also sit under a hooded dryer if time is tight) release rods without combing out curls, and wear rolled look.

(Photo Source: Tumblr)

Summer Short Hairstyles #2: Get Edgy

Ditch the sides this Summer & opt for a bold, rockstar cut.

To create this look: 

Two-strand twist hair either wet or dry using Miss Jessie's Curly Meringue. Leave twist in overnight for maximum results. Untwist two-strand using Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding, fluffing hair to your liking.

(Photo Source: Black Hair Information) 

Summer Short Hairstyles #3: Get some color in your life

Sometimes a little color is all the change you need. Spice up your cut this Summer with a bold color that compliments your complexion.

To maintain this look: 

Wash hair using Miss Jessie's Créme de la Curl Cleansing Créme and deep condition using Miss Jessie's Rapid Recovery. For day to day maintenance, try using the Curly Buttercreme for daily moisture.

(Photo Source: Tumblr) 

Summer Natural Hair Style #4: Go bald

If you're looking for the ultimate change this Summer, get Lupita-ified.

(Lupita-ified: (v.) to do away with all that hair & be fierce with a low cut.)

To maintain this look: Wash and go's will probably become your best friend for these next few months. Try Miss Jessie's Quick Curls for those days when you're on the go.

(Source: Vogue)