How To Retain Hair Length

How To Retain Hair Length

At times obtaining your dream hair length naturally may seem like an unattainable goal. Myths and misconceptions regarding hair type and treatment can lead you to unknowingly harming your hair even more than before, causing the opposite result of what you desired. Strong and healthy hair length retention is in fact possible and easier than you may think. With some of Miss Jessie’s products such as the Baby Buttercreme, Curly Buttercreme, and Grow Strong Mafura-Natural Hair Growth Oil, and this quick and simple Guide to Natural Hair Length Retention, your dream hair length can finally be an attainable goal.

Before getting into the tips and tricks of natural hair length retention it is important to acknowledge the role that vitamins and diet play in your hair’s health. Having a balanced diet in which you have an even balance of protein, vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin A will help to boost your hair growth. Since your hair is mainly composed of keratin which is a protein, consuming a healthy portion of protein whether that be meat or lentils, will encourage healthy hair growth and natural hair length retention. Additional vitamins and minerals provide your scalp and hair with the nutrients it needs to develop into strong and luscious tresses. 

Tips and Tricks for Promoting Your Hair’s Healthy Length Retention

  • Ditch the Towel: From the moment you wash out our recommended sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners which encourage hair moisture, your hair care for length retention begins. Instead of drying your hair off with a towel which can be rough and abrasive to your locks, try using a t-shirt or a microfiber towel to gently remove the excess water from your hair.

  • Apply Your Oil While Your Hair is Wet: Applying hair oils like our recommended Grow Strong Mafura-Natural Hair Growth Oil to wet hair helps to lock in moisture and keeps your hair and scalp hydrated while simultaneously reducing those pesky split ends. Gently massage the oil into your scalp with the pads of your fingers. We recommend using your finger pads since they are less abrasive to your hair follicles than your fingernails.
  • Seal in Moisture with Curly Buttercreme:  We recommend using our Curly Buttercreme to seal moisture into your hair. This Curly Buttercreme can be applied before or after our Grow Strong Mafura-Natural Hair Growth Oil. Our buttercremes are perfect for banishing dry hair and preventing tangles to promote natural hair length retention. Just massage a nickel sized dollop of Curly Buttercreme into your curls to soften them up and lock in that moisture. 


  • Detangle With Care: Detangling can cause frustration when hair is dry and tangled. However it is important to always detangle with care to prevent further breakage which will only set you back in your hair length retention journey. Try using our detangling comb to gently comb through your hair and protect your ends. The ends of your hair are the oldest and therefore the most breakable. By being cautious when detangling your hair, you will protect your ends and allow for length retention.


    Miss Jessie's comb

  • Long Hair Care - Protective Styles and Practices: Try styling your hair in protective styles such as box braids, twist outs, and loose buns or ponytails. The key here is to make sure not to pull excessively tight on your hair to prevent stress on your hair follicles. Having your hair stretched out and relaxed in a protective style will promote natural hair length retention and reduce tangles. Try using our Baby Buttercreme or Curly Buttercreme to smooth your hair into these protective styles. Additionally, swap out your cotton pillow case for a silk one or use our Curl Bonnet Night Cap to reduce the friction on your hair at night and promote length retention. These protective styles are a crucial part of effective long hair care, as they help prevent damage and promote healthy growth.

    Baby buttercreme

  • Take a Break from the Flat Iron: A simple way to encourage your natural hair length retention is to give your hair a break from heat. Hair dryers and flat irons can dry out your hair and lead to more breakage. Instead if you need to dry your hair try using medium or low heat to gently dry it while still retaining moisture. Embrace your curls and watch how healthy they grow when you ditch the excessive heat.

  • Look at the Ingredients: Make sure you know what your hair products’ ingredients are to ensure that your products are nourishing instead of harming your hair. By checking to see if your products are sulfate-free and alcohol-free, you will be preventing harmful chemicals from drying out your hair and scalp. Miss Jessie’s products strive to promote the health of your hair and therefore do not use harmful chemicals or sulfates. Try exploring some hair care essentials that are safe and nourishing for your tresses. 


    Natural hair length retention may seem like an uphill battle but it does not need to be. With this quick and simple guide and a variety of Miss Jessie’s natural hair products made with curls, waves, and kinks in mind, your long and luscious locks are within reach. Explore our variety of hair care and styling products while reading more about our brand and hair care tips for all hair types.