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Miss Jessie's Guide to Plopping Curly Hair

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What is curl plopping? Ever wonder why your curls sometimes look better and more defined when they’re wet, but frizzy and out-of-control when dry? Treating your curls in between the wet and dry stages can help you retain some of that definition. Curl plopping is a tried and true technique that has seen a recent surge in popularity. Curly hair plopping has quickly become a regular practice for many curly-haired individuals and can help you attain those luscious bouncy curls with minimal effort. Sounds like a win-win. 

How does curl plopping work?

Most people use a T-Shirt or microfiber towel for plopping curly hair to remove dampness from their curls. This reduces the chances of causing frizz that is typically seen after rubbing hair with a towel. Traditional towels made from terry cloth or cotton absorb too much moisture from the hair leaving it frizzy and unmanageable. Curls actually need to retain some moisture in order to hold their form. Read our steps to plopping curly hair below.

The Curly Hair Plopping Method

Step 1: After getting out of the shower, it’s important to remove any excess water from your hair by hand. 

Step 2: Next, grab your favorite styling product. We recommend using our best-selling Pillow Soft Curls styling lotion for a more relaxed look. This soft curl cream the first "fabric softener" type styling lotion that will leave your curls clothesline fresh and fluffy soft. Our Curly Meringue frizz control cream will also do the trick for anyone with extra frizzy hair. Scrunch your damp curls with your hands.

Step 3: Lay a T-shirt on a soft flat surface like a bed or couch with the sleeves at the end closest to you. You can also use a lightweight microfiber towel for this step.

Step 4: Next, you’ll want to carefully flip your head over onto the shirt with your hair lined up in the center of the T-Shirt or towel. 

Step 5: The trickiest part to plopping curly hair is wrapping the T-Shirt correctly around your head. Start by picking up the sleeves (or corners if you’re using a towel) and crossing them over your neck. Then, pick up the flap of fabric that’s furthest away from you and fold it over the base of your neck. Wrap the remaining fabric around your head and tie it at the front. Leave your hair wrapped for 10-20 minutes before diffusing or up to an hour if you plan to air-dry. 

Step 6: After 10-20 minutes, remove the T-Shirt or towel and gently let your curls fall out of the wrap. If you choose to diffuse your hair, grab our popular Pik Defrizz Diffuser which provides the perfect amount of concentrated heat to eliminate frizz and lock in your curls. To use our diffuser start by attaching it to the nozzle of your blow dryer. Next, turn on the hairdryer and begin cupping medium-sized sections of your curls and aim the diffuser at each section until the curls are dry. 

Curly hair styling tool

Now you’re ready to give the popular hair plopping method a try. Don’t forget to grab one of our curl enhancers to maximize results. Without applying a quality curl product beforehand, curl plopping isn’t likely to work well. Especially if you plan on using a tool like a diffuser, you’ll need products with heat protectant ingredients. 

At Miss Jessie’s we strive to offer the most natural hair products for curls, waves, and kinks, from our styling creams to moisturizers and deep conditioning treatments. Browse our other styling products or read more about the inspiration behind our brand and our mission to provide hair products that serve all hair types.