How to Style Baby Hairs

How to Style Baby Hairs

Baby hairs are the wispy short hairs that frame your face and the nape of your neck. Often confused with hair breakage, baby hairs are actually natural hair growth around the face and are more soft and thin than short strands caused by hair breakage. They can be unruly at times, but with a strong curl product, they can beautifully outline the face to enhance any hairstyle. Styling them adds more dimension to your look and with our Hold Me Down edge control gel, it’s never been easier to accomplish. 

Whether you want to wear them slicked back, brushed forward, gelled over, or natural, the way you style your baby hairs can complete any look. From a high pony to letting down those luxurious and bouncy curls, embrace your baby hairs by incorporating them into your hairstyle. You can achieve the look of style icons like Rihanna and Beyoncé with the right product and tools. We’ve included a guide for how to style your baby hairs in 4 easy steps below.

How to Style Your Baby Hairs

Step 1: First, you’ll want to style your hair. If you plan to slick it back into a ponytail, be sure to sweep some baby hairs forward with your fingertips before securing it into place. If you have more tight or kinky curls, you’ll want to style while your hair is still wet or damp. For light waves or even straight hair, make sure you style the hair when it’s dry. 

Step 2: Next, grab your favorite styling product. We recommend using our edge control gel for maximum hold. It’s an extra strength control gel that doesn’t flake or leave a greasy residue. Formulated to tame unruly edges and flyaways, this product is perfect for styling your baby hairs with a crunch-free hold. 

Step 3: Now it’s time to shape and swirl those baby hairs into place! With your favorite styling tool (a spoolie or even a dry toothbrush will do), play around with various designs to see what works. Carefully experiment with swirls, upside-down U-shapes, or even slicked straight. 

Step 4: Finally, one of the most forgotten steps - you’ll want to set your baby hairs in place. Try wrapping a silk scarf around your face for 15-30 minutes to allow the artful designs to dry and set. If you’re feeling extra glam, spice up your look by adding glitter or gems for a fun night out! 

Styling your baby hairs has been a trend for a while and we’re pretty sure it’s here to stay. With our edge control gel, you’ll have a blast styling and shaping your baby hairs to enhance any look. The sky is the limit on baby hair designs, but no matter how you decide to style your curls, choosing the right products can make or break your hair (literally!). It’s important to research what goes into the products you use and make sure they are not only effective but also safe. 

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