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How To Care For Babies with Curly Hair

How To Care For Babies with Curly Hair

It's a common misconception that curly hair is perhaps more complicated to care for, but that is simply not true. The ability to cultivate healthy curly hair care habits that protect hair and enhance its natural beauty can occur at any age, but as the old adage goes, "The early bird catches the worm". The sooner one is made aware of the proper steps needed to maintain their curly hair's health, the better off baby's curly hair will be in the long run. Curly baby hair care does not have to be frustrating battle, especially if constructive hair care rituals and routines are put into practice, as early as childhood. So if you are wondering if you should put a little more effort into styling your baby's curly hair, beyond the occasional wash, the answer is yes. Baby in crib with curly pig tails

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I know this sounds crazy. Most babies don't have much hair, to begin with, nor do they have any personal stake in their physical appearance, as they lack any conscious awareness of it. However, like any other positive habits you hope to instill in your child, the earlier in life they are exposed to healthy hair care regiments, the more inherent these healthy habits will feel to them as they grow. Now, I'm not suggesting you start dropping your curly baby off at the beauty parlor once a week, for a quick coloring touch up and trim. I also do not recommend attempting to DIY any elaborate styles or attempting to use your personal arsenal of styling tools is wise either. baby with curly hair

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When it comes to curly hair maintenance for babies, less is more. Over-washing the hair actually strips hair of its natural oils, making it more susceptible to dryness and creates damage, so washing hair with mild products is recommended, about once a week. It is also important you use simple, heat free styling tactics and all-natural ingredients, such as coconut oil and shea butter, which work as great curly baby hair moisturizers and nourish each strand of your baby's delicate curls. Just as with grown-up curly girls, regularly moisturizing your baby's curls is critical for maintaining a healthy head of hair.

Newborn babies with wavy hair are physically fragile and incredibly sensitive to everything, so it is best to hold off on any styling until they are a little bit older and more developed. Once your baby's hair has acquired some length and they are old enough to sit up without much assistance, it is possible to utilize mild variations of protective styling. If you choose to braid or twist your child's hair, make sure this is done carefully and does not cause any tension around the child's soft spot, located on the crown of their head. The more your child matures, the more creative you can get in terms of styling, but during the early stages of life, it is best to stick to the bare minimum. Yes, your baby's hair health is important, but perfecting your baby's style should not be at the expense of their comfort. When it comes to styling, if your mommy instinct is telling you, "This has the potential to be painful," then it is not even worth the risk.

Essence's Beauty and Hair editor, Deena Campbell, sat down in an interview with Christina Brown, founder of the parenting and lifestyle blog, BabyBrownSugar, to discuss the hair care regiment Christina utilizes on her own seven-month-old daughter. For more suggestions and advice on how to care for your little one's naturally curly coif, check out the video below!


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