Miss Jessie's Book: A MUST Read!

Miss Jessie's Book: A MUST Read!

We love sharing your favorite parts and hearing your aha moments from Miss Jessie's Book. Read this week's featured review and visit our website to purchase your copy of Miss Jessie's: Creating A Successful Business From Scratch-Naturally, today!

Miss Jessie's Book: A Review From Kali

"I originally bought this book as part of my daughter's X-Mas gift but was intrigued by the story behind the brand. Cover to cover I could not put this book down!!! Two humble sisters who grew up in Jamaica, Queens with razor sharp focus, fierce work ethic, an organic entrepreneurial mindset and a sincere desire to free a community of natural and textured hair prisoners from the deeply rooted clenches of preeminent Eurocentric beauty ideals. I will keep this book front and center as a paradigm for my daughter's future endeavors in the beauty world. Consider the cost of this book (and Miss Jessie's products) a priceless investment in your life and educational forum for brand building. As I flipped through each page I could feel the soul of this story pulsating through my fingers. A MUST read!!!!"


Miss Jessie's: Creating A Successful Business From Scratch-Naturally

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