Must-Have Curly Hair Accessories

Must-Have Curly Hair Accessories

It used to be a difficult world for us ladies with curly hair. Before the early 1900s, women in that era didn’t worry too much about hair care or personal hygiene. Back then, it was the Old Frontier and Wild West days where bathing was more of a once-every-few-weeks kind of thing. Gross, right? The point is that they had to try and spruce up their hair and hygiene with things like hats and scented powders (which is why bathrooms are sometimes referred to as “powder rooms”). Well, luckily for us, most of us get to have the comforts of everyday hygiene and, more importantly, modern curly hair accessories that we use to tame our unruly (but lovely) curly hair to look and feel fantastic. Check out the list below for must-have hair accessories for curly hair.

At Miss Jessie’s, we have premium curly hair products that are made to look great, but only if paired with the right curly hair accessories. Here are our top picks of hair accessories for curly hair that you need to have in your bathroom or closet at all times!

Curly Hair Accessories: Clamps Are The Obvious Choice

Let’s start with the obvious choice: oversized hair clips for curly hair. You probably already have one or two (or maybe 10 or 11) of these amazing clamps to keep your hair tamed. If you don’t, then what are you doing?! Curly hair clamps are one of the best hair accessories for curly hair that money can buy; a pair of high-quality clamps can make or break your style! Be sure to pick up a few of these the next time you run to the store.

Oversized clamps are the end-all solution for your hair; using embellished hair clips can also add to your style and outfit if you’re looking for some flair to your curly hair. Banana clips are an accessory for curly hair that works better than most. These hair clips for curly hair are long and curved and designed to tame even the unruliest of curly hair. Sometimes these styles of clips are described as “retro,” but they work well and are one of the better curly hair accessories a girl can have! 

Curly Hair Accessories: Hair Wraps

We can sum this choice up into three words: Stretchy. Hair. Wraps. This is a close second choice for the best hair accessory for curly hair that you can get. Hair wraps are a simple but effective accessory that adds color and pop to your curly hair. The best thing about using a high-quality stretch wrap is that you can use the wrap to contrast your outfit of the day! Most wraps are easy to clean and can last a pretty long time when cared for in the right hands. Just be sure to pick a satin headband; the extra fine material pairs best with curly hair!

The thing about using hair wraps is that they don’t always have to be stretchy. Channel your inner Rosie the Riveter and try a patterned bandana for a unique look! While bandana wraps can also be used to accentuate your outfit as a necktie. Having versatile options is nice when it comes to accessorizing your curly hair!

Curly Hair Accessories: Adjustable Hair Ties

If you’ve got kinky or extra curly hair, adjustable hair ties need to be in your purse or in your room at all times. Like driver's licenses, lip balm, lotion, or hand sanitizer, this is one of those curly hair accessories you should also keep on you. 

These handy hair ties are great for keeping your curly hair up without pulling on your roots. The extra adjustability makes it easy to keep your hair neat and tight without having to deal with the headache of the non-adjustable variants.

More Accessories for Curly Hair: Better Quality Detangler Brushes

Let’s be honest, this might be unnecessary to mention, but it’s important to highlight the importance of a great-quality detangler brush! When choosing a good detangler brush, you will want a brush that has a light handle but is made with extra grip to keep from slipping when you brush through your curly hair.

Be sure to choose a detangler brush that flexes during use but is also durable. Don’t forget to pair your brushing routine with a premium-quality leave-in conditioner

Bonus Tip: Silk and Satin Pillows

Silk and satin pillows are worth their weight in gold when it comes to curly hair. These two materials are more than just a luxury item, they’re a necessity because they create less friction and matting than their non-satin or non-silk counterparts. Of course, the downside is that satin and silk are their high price point compared to other lower-quality fabrics. 

If your beautiful curls are dry, damaged, or experiencing breakage, then try using high quality hair oil during your nighttime routine.

No Such Thing As Too Much

When it comes to picking good accessories for your curly hair, it’s always better to have more options than not. Don’t stop at clamps, wraps, adjustable hair ties, and detangler brushes. Get out there and find the curly hair accessory that works for your curls! At Miss Jessie’s, we have curly hair products that can be paired in various ways. Love your curls today with Miss Jessie’s!