Be An Athletic Girl With Effortless Curls!

Be An Athletic Girl With Effortless Curls!

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Have you always been considered the 'Sporty Spice' of your friend group, and are accustomed to beating the boys at every game from basketball, to soccer, to tennis? Do you enjoy more hands-on, rough and tumble activities such as hiking, rock climbing, swimming, fishing, waterskiing, and camping? Do you prefer doing practicing yoga in the park or running along the beach, rather than exercising in an indoor gym? Are you a decorated triathlete and enter 10k marathons without even thinking twice? Even if you aren't a hardcore athlete, do you live an incredibly active lifestyle and can appreciate breaking a well-deserved sweat? Well now that summer is in full swing, the great outdoors are primed for all athletic girls to explore. However, just because you don't mind getting a little dirty every now and then, doesn't mean you don't care about maintaining your hair health and looking stylish while doing it. Whether you consider yourself to be a tomboy or a glam girl, Miss Jessie's knows how to help you look great, even during the workout grind. Here are some hair tips for the curly athlete on the go!


First of all, no matter what your hair length, headbands are an active girl's best friend! They prevent sweat from running down your face, getting in your eyes, and taking your focus away from reaching your workout goal. While women in movies and on TV can be found working out with their long locks loosely flowing about, we all know that in reality, our natural stylistic inclination is to exercise with an updo - usually a classic, quick ponytail or bun. This is because when loose strands get in the way, they are obnoxious and can get distracting. Working out with hair down can also cause the body to rise more quickly, causing you uncomfortable and even dehydrated. For medium to long lengths, try doing an updo headband combo, pulling hair back into a bun or ponytail, and adding the headband on top. While a hard headband is ok, for exercise I've found a soft, cloth, stretchy headband to be more effective at being gentle on the hairline and preventing excessive facial sweating. When pulling your hair up, try avoiding super tight elastics or hard, metal clips and hairpins. The tension created can lead to breakage, especially at the hairline and crown. Instead, try using a soft scrunchie, which can be found at your local beauty supply or drugstore. I know that is so 1980s retro but as long as you don't wear them with a cocktail dress or a jacket with shoulder pads, you aren't violating any major fashion laws. Also, vintage style is always well appreciated, but if that isn't your thing, you can also use a stretchy, cloth headband to hold the pony portion, or a soft, cloth handkerchief to tie your hair up.


After your hard day of exercise play, protect your curls by drying your scalp as soon as possible, by gently massaging the scalp with a towel. Avoid using heat-based, damaging styling tools, as this can put a lot of stress on your curls and ultimately create breakage.

When you are ready to hit the shower, remember that over-shampooing hair can actually strip hair of natural nutrients and moisture, and cause breakage, so try to only shampoo no more than twice a week. Even if you are the type to work out every day, over-shampooing hair can be detrimental to hair health. Also, remember that your curls crave moisture, so be sure to moisturize hair as often as possible. If you have errands between your workout and the shower, apply some Miss Jessie's Leave-In Condish, for ample moisture on the go. For post work out regular washings, moisturize hair with Miss Jessie's Créme de la Créme conditioner, and deep condition like Miss Jessie's Super Sweetback Treatment, once a week. For the swimming curl girls, try using Miss Jessie's Rapid Recovery to replenish and revitalize chlorine or saltwater soaked curls once a week.


As an active girl always on the go, I'm sure you prefer conquering your personal goals, as quickly as possible. You aim for perfection and want it on your terms, so you have no problem shaving off a couple of minutes of styling and grooming routine if it means you can sprint that extra mile. But why should you have to choose between getting ample exercise time and looking fabulous? Well, Miss Jessie's makes it possible for any curl girl to have it all. We understand your time is precious and don't think you should have to make any sacrifices to your schedule, in order to look gorgeous. While all our curl stylers are great, Miss Jessie's Quick Curls is the best styling tool for the curly gal on the go. This lightweight styler moisturizes curls, smells amazing (like ginger and lime), and is designed to immediately activate to hold curls, eliminate frizz, and create a healthy shine. Just a couple minutes of sculpting, scrunching, and finger styling, and you will look like you stepped right out of the salon, no matter where you are. So whether your plan is to run around your local park or hike through the wilderness, don't forget to pack your Miss Jessie's Quick Curls!
So while you are taking care of your body, don't forget to think about your hair - it needs love too!